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Joel_S May 26, 2003 20:53

How do I tighten the rear sight up? It flops back and forth.

withergyld May 26, 2003 21:24

Side to side or front to back?

Orion 762 May 27, 2003 01:46

I just "vised" mine together a bit without the sight base installed. (With the sight base, I couldn't get enough bend to do any good.) Anyway, if you overdo-it on the bend, just file/dremel to fit.

Did one like this tonight, and it now fits very snug. Worst you'll do is destroy the sight, but new ones are not that expensive.

(Before doing this . . . is your "sight-spring setup" installed? A missing spring will give lot's of wobble as well.)

Joel_S May 27, 2003 18:55

Side to side and front to back slop. The spring is there and installed correctly.

jamie930 May 27, 2003 20:11

Try a new spring for the one inside the sliding part. I got a Imbel kit that had a bad or broken spring. Replace the spring and it was like new

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