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My dog drowned yesterday

I have a 20 lb 5 yo border terrier. He loves the water, great swimmer, but being a terrier likes to bite at the water he splashes up,,, usually gags a bit and stops doing that.

Everyday in our hot summer months, late in the day I take him down to the river at the fishing access.
Long paved road visible the whole way. So I can see any other vehicles or other dogs. Usually none. He bails out at the top of the road and runs down the road sprinkling every clump of grass with his message. I follow behind in the truck, with my sore feet after standing on them all day.

At the boat launch, sand, no concrete he wades in, does his routine, exits and we continue on.

Yesterday, he stuck his foot in, waded in and did his barking biting and waded out. I was in the truck 50 ft away, window down but didn't see him get out because the water is high and the spring grass obscured seeing it.

I waited 30 seconds, but didn't see him coming up the ramp. But I did see a small partially submerged log at the ramp that wasn't there before. It was dusk and hard to see detail. The water is slow moving, calm and has an eddy right there so stuff floats upstream near the bank. I was looking at the 'log' when it rolled over. My 1st thought is it was a trash fish spawning in the muddy shallow water, but got out to call the dog and take a look.

Only when I got to the water's edge did I realize the log was my dog, Mr Bumkins. Lifeless, head dragging the bottom of the river and covered in black mud.
1st though was some poisonous snake bit him, but we really don't have them here.
But how could he drown in 2 ft of calm water??
Waded in, pulled him out. Completely lifeless. Turned him upside down opened his mouth and squeezed his chest a couple of times to pump out the water, but that didn't do anything.

Put him on the bank, head slightly downhill and starting giving mouth to muzzle. Saw that the air was just going through his nose and out his closed mouth and blowing out water, so I closed his mouth while blowing and opened it when I expelled his chest.
20 puffs into it, I looked into his dead eyes and thought he was done, but kept at it. At about 40 puffs, he started to breath on his own. Eventually he sort of came to, shaking, weak, and in a total daze.
I kept expecting him to cough up water, but he never did. After 10 minutes or so, I got him walking, wobbly. Instantly took a 2nd poop, must have been from the stress.

An hour later he was weak, still shaking and wheezing with every breath. And had blood in his urine.
Took him into the pet emergency hospital 65 miles away, they looked him all over and started him on so mega horse pill sized antibiotics to counter the muddy dirty water and eventual lung infection.
Vet said he didn't have water in his lungs but moisture, and that pumping his lungs would only cause more stress.
Said the blood in the urine was probably just stress and would hopefully clear up.

Bumkins didn't get much sleep last night, he couldn't comfortably lie down and was hard, short breathing. Today he is much better, can lie down and did some lying out in the hot sun, drying out. Still not feeling so good and not eating anything.

After a couple more tainted ones, his pee cleared up.

Will never know, but I think he was gagging, and got mired in the downstream mud and panicked. He was covered in black mud, the water at the shore was all muddy it is usually clear so he must have had a epic struggle.

The whole thing was surreal, and NOW I see how some kid can drown in an instant of a parent not paying complete attention.

Good thing there was an eddy there, or he would have floated downstream, out of view and I would have never know what happened to him.

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